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What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money Online As A Beginner?

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Written by Chukwuebuka Okafor

      I for one knows how hard it is to make money online today, especially as a beginner. To some individuals, it is quite hard to make money while on the other hand, few other persons might disagree and say “it is a walk in the park”. Now, In as much as I would love to go with the latter, i.e it being a walk in the park to make money online. I would still like to emphasize on the fact that for most beginners it is really difficult especially when trying to make the first sale or cash. The only two ways to make money online, are:

  1. Selling your own products/services or
  2. Selling other people’s products/services

     Now, I would say the easiest way to make money online as a beginner is through freelancing. Got that? Freelancing! Though freelancing is not the best way to make money online today but, it’s sure the easiest way to make online as a beginner. When I started online as a beginner, all I wanted to do more than anything else was to find at least one sure way to make a living online and make ends meet for myself especially as a student then. It was very hard to at first and very confusing to find a guaranteed way to make money.

      Though it is good to invest in business in order to generate more money in the long run, but I had no cash, to begin with. So how would I now invest in any business for that matter when I had no money and it was also the search for money that got me there as well. Though I loved digital marketing cause I always found joy in and happiness doing this kind of work. But, one needs to also feed too right? The data spent on browsing and power cost comes from somewhere and needs to be sorted out. Then, why not find a way to make an income from my passion? Or so I thought and that’s when I started sorting out better and easier ways to make money online.

    Affiliate marketing was a viable source of income then and it still is now. But, in other to start this type of marketing involves some little cash at the time. So I was a little adamant on spending my money on something that I wasn’t even sure will bring any form of returns on investment. Though my passion then and still is, is Digital Marketing. When I figured out that freelancing was a viable choice for me to make money online without me giving anything first in terms of money, I was game. I entered into it head on. Though I must say this, going into freelancing is always challenging. As you must have figured, that service you might be planning on rendering in that space. You are not the only person that can do it especially when you haven’t gotten some form of credibility to back up your service.

It will be hard to get your first sale or customer/client. But believe me when I say it is very doable and can really be fun as well. The key factor to having a successful first sale is in the proposal. Yes! I said it. It’s the proposal that solely determines if you will make money through freelancing or not. Some freelance sites out there that I recommend for anyone starting any online business is Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru & PeoplePerHour. These are the list of sites I have worked with in the past. But, the only few I still rarely work with till date are Fiverr and Upwork. I won’t personally recommend that anyone who really wants financial freedom works as a freelancer. My reasons are endless some of which includes:

Make Money Online Through Freelancing (Disadvantages)

  1. You won’t have time anymore for yourself to do those things you love doing.
  2. You are not the boss of yourself or your business as such the owners of that platform can decide tomorrow that they want to short down and then your business goes down as well.
  3. Your income is solely dependent on getting gigs or jobs from these freelancing sites else you can’t make money online.
  4. You would be prevented from actually fulfilling your dreams as a digital marketer, as most of your time now is dedicated to only satisfying your client’s needs.
  5. If you go against slight rule of the platform you work under then you either get shunned or banned and so does any funds you have made with it.
  6. You can end up working for a client and still end up not getting your money’s worth.
  7. Keep working for pennies especially when you’re starting out.
  8. Also, the commissions these platforms take for every gig done ranges from 20% and above and this can be sometimes too much.
  9. You might end up being comfortable with that life and miss out on a bigger life changing experiences and training you might have had, to mention but a few.

I am a big fan of making money online through any means as far as it’s a legit way to earn money. But, in as much as I would recommend every newbie online to start with freelancing. Don’t completely dwell on it as a way of life. I won’t leave out the disadvantages with this line of business online. That being said, I must say that there are also great advantages that come with freelancing, some of which are:

Make Money Online Through Freelancing (Advantages)

  1. It helps to become a better marketer in terms of understanding clients needs and how best to relate to them. When it comes to communication, delivery of service as at when due or before when due matters. Knowing when to upsell or downsell  so as to make more commissions also matters.
  2. Helps you prioritize your schedule and do things according to the scale of preference.
  3. Know when to say no to a gig/job either because it can’t be done or there is no time.
  4. Also, there is the aspect of being responsible for oneself especially when the money starts coming in. Cause when you think of the sleepless nights you might have put into the job it will help you spend the money right.
  5. It helps one knows how to talk and communicate and land deals with potential clients.

I believe these tip will help someone today start making money online and get income from it. If you feel there is any tip I might have left out, add it at the comment section below. Please do well to ask your questions this post and I will be happy to reply you. Thanks.

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