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The 7 Key Skills Required To Become A Digital Marketing Genie

Written by Chukwuebuka Okafor

    Do you know that every single day, we one way or the other perform digital marketing? Do you know that in one small way or the other we all are digital marketers? but we just don’t know it. I am sure right about now, you would be wondering and asking yourself, how on earth am I a digital marketer? or how do I actually do or perform digital marketing without me knowing it? Okay, let me tell you how. That Facebook picture you shared a few days back or that Instagram video you saw and laughed over and then liked and tagged you friend to also see it or the Snapchat you drop pictures on or videos actually advertises something about you or what you do and that singular act alone is digital marketing.

  Today, we would be looking at the 7 key skills required to become a digital marketing genie. I believe now you have an idea of what digital marketing is all about. So let me jump into the main reason why we are here. These 7 key skills required of any and every digital marketer are:

The 7 Key Skills To Becoming A Digital Marketing Genie Are:

  1. Creative Content/Writing

    Yes! You mustn’t write like Wole Soyinka or William Shakespeare and the likes. But, yes! you have to put out good content. It could be in form of an article, a video, an image, an audio whatever it is, always make sure it is a content that drives home a point and can really solve the issue of someone in need. Your content should always be clear and precise. Always make sure your content has something to say or is a solution to a problem someone is facing. That way you become very valuable and get subscribers faster.

    Tip: Start working on writing good contents and try to improve your copywriting skills as well…

  2. Web Design Management

    And yes! Again, you don’t have to be a web design guru or software developer. What I am saying here is that you need to have an idea of how websites are created in order to have an edge in the online space. Have an idea where you want where you want your menus to show up or how you want content to appear to your readers so when you are outsourcing this job to an expert you know what exactly you are getting back.

    Tip: Design and develop a website on your own (part of our course)…

  3. Learn Photo Editing Skills

    You don’t necessarily have to be a graphics design expert but you need to know how to edit and design some basic graphics design and also know how to use some basic tools in doing this. When you do this you indirectly helping yourself too. Trust me when I say this, it would do you a lot of good if you could learn this skill to a satisfactory level. This skill will also save you some cash, in the long run, that way not every little editing you would need to hire a graphics designer for.

    Tip: Learn any basic graphics designing tool on your own (part of our course)…

  4. Data Analysis

    It is very important to note that taking data analysis of your website or any other online property you might own or manage is highly crucial to the survival of that business. if you notice even offline businesses take stock of their accounts and balance sheets, knowing what their income is and expenses are to know if they are sinking or soaring. Same case should apply to that online business. It is imperative we learn this skill, it will really help your business grow.

    Tip: Always do data analysis on your website/s, it’s paramount (part of our course)…

  5. Find Your Passion

    I believe you know what I mean by finding your passion. My advice to you is this, ask yourself some personal questions like, “is this business for me?”, “is this what I find myself doing 5-10 years from now?”, “do I really have a passion for this industry?”. Now, if your answer to these honest questions is YES! Then you have your work cut out for you. It’s time to start working. Also, when you find a niche you would like to go into, please and please stick to it and stay in it for the long run, not the short…it always pays out at the end of the day.

    Tip: Learn Everyday!!! Subscribe to some popular Digital Marketing blogs

  6. Learn By Doing

    It is actually quite easy to learn so many techniques but the hard part comes in when there is need to practice that which you have learned. I am also guilty of this fact, though not anymore but in the past, I could go to YouTube learn a bunch of new stuff and at the end of the day, I wouldn’t put any of these into practice. I most times usually become too tired when it comes to practicing and then I give up. But, if I have learned anything from this is that it doesn’t pay to give up. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

    Tip: Please practice everything that I teach you in this course

  7. Urge To Learn and Stay Updates

    Digital marketing is evolving every day and it changes overnight. So, you need to learn every day and evolve every day as well. You need to sit and learn every day, there is a saying that goes “when you stop learning, you start dying”, not my words but I am sure you get my gist. Digital marketing is not a hit and run exercise. For you to last in this industry, you MUST always stay updated.

    Tip: Find and follow some great online resources out there

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Please if you have any question in any aspect I have talked about in this post, feel free to ask me in the comments section below and I will make sure to reply you as soon as I can.

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